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Shantel’s Wagging Tails believes training and behavior modification should be force free and always positive reinforcement based. Our main goal is to aid you on your path to creating the pup you’ve always wanted, a well-mannered, polite, trusted and all around happy dog.

Shantel’s Wagging Tails is results driven and strives to have a positive impact on you and your pups lives through proper education.We offer private training and behavior modification for those who are unable to attend group classes as well as those plagued by behavior problems. Shantel’s Wagging Tails adheres to the guidelines found in the Humane Hierarchy, you can rest assured that each of our individualized behavior modification plans will include:

  • Ensuring the health and physical well-being of the dog
    – that includes physical health
  • Setting them up for success
    – Avoiding putting the dog in situations where he or she is likely to fail and do the unwanted behaviour
  • Desensitization and Counter-Conditioning
    – Presenting less threatening versions of the triggering stimulus and pairing it with things the dog really enjoys
  • Positive Reinforcement/Differential Reinforcement of Alternate Behaviour
    –Teaching other skills the dog can do instead of the unwanted behaviour

For further information on private training and behavior modification please contact us. We at Shantel’s Wagging Tails look forward to helping you on your way!