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1112 Fairville Blvd. Saint John

506 651 6279


We’ve all been there its Monday morning you have lunches to pack, kids to get to school and, your running late for work again, there’s no time for a morning walk just what are you to do with Fido? Send them to Shantel’s Wagging Tails of course!

Why Choose Shantel’s Wagging Tails? We are the premier doggie daycare facility in Saint John. Our first priority is always your pup’s happiness and health, you can feel confident knowing your dog will be well-cared for as they play the day away with our highly-trained staff and our secure facility:

  • All Kennel Attendants are extensively trained in pet first aid and CPR
  • Each Pup is required to pass a behaviour assessment
  • Each Pup  is required to be altered and up to date on vaccines
  • Facility is security and fire monitored 24/7
  • Over 2500 square feet of indoor play area
  • Over 5000 square feet of outside play area

What are the benefits of Doggie Daycare? There’s no question that each dog that attends Shantel’s Wagging Tails loves it, here are some of the many reasons why:

  • Provides regular exercise to improve weight and maintain muscle mass
    Improves socialization with dogs and people
  • Relieves boredom, separation anxiety, and destructive behavior at home
  • Provides structure to improve over all quality of life
  • Laundry for your dog’s beds and/or linens